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Aerogel is a synthetic porous ultralight material with extremely low density and extremely low thermal conductivity. Aerogels can be made from silica, alumina, chromia and carbon.

Carbon nanofoam is similar to aerogel but with 1% of the density, and is a poor electrical conductor.


  • Insulation of space suits
  • Thermal insulation such as in underclothes for deep diving or space, or sports bottles
  • Sound insulation by silica aerogels
  • Chemical adsorber (attraction of molecules onto the surface) for cleaning up spills
  • Catalyst
  • Capture cosmic dust or space dust
  • Metal–aerogel nanocomposites can be used as catalysts, sensors, electromagnetic shielding, and in waste disposal
  • Carbon aerogels are used in supercapacitors
  • Tennis racquets lighter than graphite
  • In water purification, chalcogels absorb heavy metal pollutants, separate oil from water for oil spills, and disinfect water killing bacteria.