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An android, android robot, or humanoid robot, is an advanced form of robot, equipped with a self-aware artificial intelligence (or artificial consciousness) and made to imitate humanoid lifeforms.

Such AI creatures are built with quantum neural networks, encapsulated within a sophisticated, lifelike framework. Androids are useful for interstellar missions, since their appearance and behavior could be made sufficiently human for them to blend in well with biological crew members. At the same time, their superhuman capabilities would allow them to safely negotiate potentially hostile environments. Humans may eventually decide to evolve into androids themselves, with the obvious benefits of being mentally superior, immortal and indestructible.


  • Lieutenant commander Data, who served the Federation in Star Trek, was uniquely built with positronic computers and was the only android regarded as sentient.
  • In 2017, widespread use of remotely controlled androids called surrogates enables everyone to live in idealized forms from the safety of their homes. Compared to their surrogates, the human operators are depicted as slovenly and homebound. Protected from harm, a surrogate's operator feels no pain when the surrogate is damaged, and can do acrobatics that a normal person wouldn't. People prefer to live out their lives as beautiful, handsome, and powerful robots, abandoning their rotting bodies, which are conveniently hidden away. The entire human race, in effect, willingly becomes robotic rather than face reality.