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JimedBro2020 JimedBro2020 24 May

Kardashev Scale (My version)

  • 1 Origins
  • 2 Ranks
    • 2.1 Type I (Interplanetary Scale)
    • 2.2 Type II (Interstellar Scale)
    • 2.3 Type III (Intergalactic Scale)
    • 2.4 Type IV (Universal Scale)
    • 2.5 Type V (Multiversal Scale)
    • 2.6 Type VI (Multidimensional Scale)
    • 2.7 Type VII (Creator/Impossible)

The Kardashev scale was invented by Nikolai Kardashev as a way to rank how advanced a civilization is by their energy usage and technology previously it only mixed out at Type III but now more ranks have been added.

  • A type one civilization is a civilization that has complete control over their entire planet or multiple planets from the resources, elements, weather and biological life.

  • A type two civilization is a civilization that has complete control over their entire star or star system or multiple stars and s…

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SSB64 SSB64 26 August 2021


(This page is subject to change)

Kashtr is a robot created by a group of powerful aliens on the planet Epsilon 75g in a universe different from ours to help keep the peace between the entire Futurman race (Think of Futurmens as humans, but more advanced, and superhuman).

He was created in the year 2400, when the Baryon solar system was in a bit of civillian strain. The higher ups of the government decided that the only way to bring unity between the planets was to create a powerful technological being designed to absorb energy, and make sure the civilization is kept peaceful. After about 2 years of crafting, the robot was complete. At the time, it was a model 0.1. However, by absorbing, and copying energy, it could upgrade, and ascend to higher …

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Giang Pham's Studios Giang Pham's Studios 20 April 2020

Covid 19 wiki

Hello, I am Giang Pham's Studios and I am the admin of Covid 19 Wiki. This is the link: https://covid-19howtofight.fandom.com. Can any of you can come there? I have to copy some, write some and I am the only human that edited there. It started from 8th April 2020 and it only has 56 edits, and a small 20 pages.

I want some of you can go there, add new pages and editing and fill profiles just like the sentence: A page can save a life.

With blessing, Giang Pham's Studios.

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Holomanga Holomanga 31 December 2019

Steven Universe Gems Calc

Calc that I did two years ago; it seems to still stand.

We see Homeworld plan to disassemble/explode the Earth, something that they consider reasonable to take about 5,000 years given that that's the timeframe for the emergence of the Cluster and they're not surprised by it taking an unduly long amount of time. The energy needed to explode a planet is equal to the gravitational binding energy, which for Earth is 2.24 × 1032 J. Over 5,000 years, this is 1.42 × 1021 watts.

Assuming that this would be a similar expense to Pink Diamond as the Saturn V/ISS was to the US, and Pink Diamond commands perhaps A thirtieth note of Homeworld's total power output, this means the gems command around 9 × 1024 watts, corresponding to a type 1.9 civilisation.


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YayNotCray YayNotCray 17 September 2019

My Kardashev Sca

Type 1.0 before their Industrial Revolution

Type 2.0. after their Industrial Revolution

Type 3.0 energy of its whole planet

Type 4.0 energy of their whole solar system

Type 5.0 energy of multiple solar systems and stars

Type 6.0 energy of their home galaxy

Type 7.0 energy of multiple galaxies

Type 8.0 energy of their universe

Type 9.0 energy of multiple universes

Type 10.0 energy of their Multiverse

Type 11.0 energy of multiple multiverses

Type 12.0 energy of their Megaverse

Type 13.0 energy of multiple megaverses

Type 14.0 energy of their paraverse

Type 15.0 energy of multiple paraverses

Type 16.0 energy of their omniverse

Type 17.0 energy of multiple omniverses

Type 18.0 energy of their multidimension

Type 19.0 energy of multiple multidimensions

Type 20.0…

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