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The first to travel widely between the stars were known as the Endless. Much is told of the Endless--of their technologies, of their societies, and especially of the uncountable splinters into which their nation eventually shattered itself. Their history is glorious but above all tragic; though they unlocked the secrets of time-space, the stars, and life itself they were unable to master their own internal conflicts. But we must remember this: though their explorations covered millions of stars across endless light-years of space, even they are barely a drop in the vast sea that is the universe. The Endless got almost godlike capabilities through a resource known as Dust. A war between two factions of them:The Concretes and the Virtuals.The Concretes were immortal genetic modified Endless and the Virtuals immortal virtual Endless. But how it is in war there isn't a winner.Their civilization collapsed.

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What remains now of the Endless are strange, disjointed traces in the forms of seeds, of observatories, of experiments, of cities and worlds and perhaps – though not all of this is clear or verifiable – in the forms of other peoples.

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