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Humans (Homo sapiens), also known as Human beings or Terrans, were a warp-capable humanoid species from the planet Earth in the Star Trek Universe.

A founding member of the United Federation of Planets, Earth became warp-capable in 2063, which was the same year humans experienced first official contact with an alien species, the Vulcans.

By the 24th century, Human society had changed from what it was for most of recorded history. On Earth, hunger, war, disease, famine, and poverty had largely been eliminated, and is regarded as utopian and to some a paradise. The acquisition of wealth was no longer the primary driving force in the lives of many Humans. A great deal of emphasis was placed on the importance of continued social and personal development. Thanks to the non-currency-based New World Economy and the development of replicators, material needs were largely satisfied. Although money was no longer used by Humans within the Federation, they did use gold-pressed latinum and other forms of currency. The idea behind not using money was that rather than seeking material possessions, Humans worked to better themselves and the rest of Humanity.

The Borg designation for Humans was "Species 5618". Humans were considered by the Borg to possess below-average cranial capacity, minimal redundant systems, and limited regenerative abilities.

Q once stated that the Human race would one day become more powerful than the Q.

Humans and many of the Milky Way's species all shared a common ancestry back to the Ancient Humanoids and the DNA code they produced and seeded across the galaxy. Though each evolved under separate conditions from each other, their shared DNA allowed these species to remain roughly compatible and viable with each other.