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The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement, based on the total energy usage of a civilization. The scale is exponential and hypothetical and regards energy consumption on a cosmic scale. It was proposed in 1964 by Nikolai Kardashev and modified in 1973 by Carl Sagan, which is the scale we use.

The purpose of this wiki is to include an exhaustive list of sapient human and alien civilizations with an attempt to classify their origins, existence, technologies, computing level, energy usage, longevity, travel, possibility of extinction, and so on. When categorizing civilizations, we take factors like data usage, travel capabilities and sub-type predictions into account, in addition to energy usage.

This wiki is a fusion of real science, hypothetical science, and futurism. There are many futures, or infinite futures, so grab a chair and enjoy this content with an open mind. Come chat on our Facebook Group or on Discord.

Commercially published books, movies or games must be cited, and links to their Fandom pages are encouraged. Fiction is allowed, but must feel as a natural extension and not contradict a pre-existing page. Alternatively, content can be taken from established fiction and/or non-fiction.

Civilization categories of the scale:

Type 0 K0 Pre-planetary Extracts its energy, information and raw materials solely from planetary resources, and can travel beyond its home planet.
Type I K1 Planetary Can use and store the equivalent of all of the energy in and reaching its home planet, and become interplanetary.
Type II K2 Stellar Can harness the total energy equivalent of an entire star's output, and become interstellar.
Type III K3 Galactic Can control energy equivalent on the scale of an entire galaxy, and become intergalactic.
Type IV K4 Universal Can control the energy equivalent of its home universe, have instantaneous travel, and manipulate the fabric of spacetime.
Type V K5 Multiversal Can escape their universe of origin and explore the multiverse, and have time travel to the future.
Type VI K6 Megaversal Can exist in an infinite amount of simultaneous multiverses and instances, with unlimited spacetime travel.
Type VII K7 Omniversal God-level traveler and manipulator of all universes, multiverses, and megaverses.

There are also Microdimensional categories of the scale proposed by John Barrow. This reverses the classification downward from Type I-minus to Type Omega-minus.

Here is a news feed that contains only significant scientific breakthroughs.

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Hyperverse: Type VIII - Type IX
Outerverse: Type X - Type XI - Type XII - Type XIII
   Adverse: Type XIV - Type XV - Type XVI - Type XVII - Type XVIII - Type XIX
   Beyond-: Type XX - Type XXI - Type XXII - Type XXIII - Type XXIV - Type XXV
   Beyond+: Type XXVI - Type XXVII - Type XXVIII - Type XXIX - Type XXX - Eye - Brain

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