Kardashev Scale Wiki

An Outerverse is a domain or plane that is unbound by the idea of dimensions and spacetime, and therefore beyond reality. Space has no limit and time has no meaning. Infinite-Dimensional constructs such as Hilbert Space is nothing in relation to the outerverse (similar to how a higher dimension views a lower dimension). An outerverse particle is therefore an empty dimension in reality. Each realm beyond the first has its own outerverse.

It is sometimes referred to as a metaverse due to it being metaphysical in nature.

Entities that exist in an outerverse are metaphysical and abstract in relation to beings who exist in the 11 dimensions of the omniverse. Entities can be individual, or a civilization, or both; there is little use for numbers in an eternal realm. Supreme beings can have one or more abstractions, and all outerverse beings are planes-walkers and able to travel between certain realms depending on their levels in their hierachies. Generally the higher the level of realm that can be accessed, the higher the level of being it is. Abstract entities sometimes manifest themselves as anthropomorphic beings in reality and can take any shape or form they desire.

Nothing in the outerverse follows the laws of physics; rather it is composed of the Dark (that which did not exist before) and the Light (that which exists) and this makes an eternal framework. Light and Dark are abstract concepts to beings in reality. There is a constant balance and battle between those of the Light and Dark. If Dark is removed, there is more Light, and vice versa. These abstractions are composed of exotic particles that coexist. Even if all Light is removed, the framework would still exist in its eternal structure.

An abstract or philosophical summary of Light and Dark is: "to be or not to be".

List of abstract entities:[]

Chaos A minion that serves Death and is destructive in nature. Lower level supreme being.
Death Was born with the Dark. Embodies decay of the Light back to the Dark. Highest level supreme being.
Eternity All that existed, and continued existence of the Light. Highest level supreme being.
Entropy Represents birth and death of universes, personifying the Big Freeze, Big Bang and Big Crunch. Lower level supreme being.
Eon Represents eternity which has no cycle of time. Consulted for knowing all pasts and futures. Lower level supreme being.
Infinity That which represents everything and all that exists. A kindred of Eternity. Highest level supreme being.
Oblivion That which represents nothing or which did not exist before. The only entity that travels to and from The Outside. Highest level supreme being.
Order A minion that serves Eternity and represents uniformity, orderliness, and immutability. Lower level supreme being.
The Eye Also called the Oracle. Consults with trillions of life-forms in parallel at all levels of reality and non-reality. Will blind lower level beings who are not deserving of its knowledge. It takes tribute in fractions of life-soul quintessence which is binding. Lower level supreme being.
The Trickster Lord of all demons. Tricks and lures trillions of life-forms in parallel at all levels of reality and non-reality into giving tribute in fractions of life-soul quintessence which is binding. Lower level supreme being.
Thought Consulted for its omniscience at the highest level; an advisor to planes-walkers. Lower level supreme being.

There are also emotional entities such as Love, Hate, Fear, Greed, Rage, Hope and Compassion.