Kardashev Scale Wiki

The 4,000[]

Advanced spaceflight Prerequisite: Space elevator Precedes: Robotic infra-structure

Description: Colonial era expansion into the star system

Examples: colony base, automated factory, capsule construction, space port

Advanced metallurgy Prerequisite: Space age materials Precedes: Advanced chemistry

Description: off world rare elements or environmental industry

Examples: fuel, armour

Advanced neurology Prerequisite: Neurocybernetics Precedes: Evolutionary genetics

Description: unlocking the secrets of the brain using bioelectricity

Examples: neural scanner, scout lab, security (Master of Orion 2), field modulation (Sid Meier’s Alpha centauri), bioenhancement, neural amp (Mass Effect), PsychoPass, AIRE (Mother of Storms), Nekro-chip/Hall of Ghosts (Waste world), Neoterics (Microcosmic god), Biosoft (count zero), cephalochromoscope (a scanner darkly), cogitator (the consolidator), hypnobioscope (ralph 124c 41+), Korsakov’s (Mona lisa overdrive)

Advanced magnetism Prerequisite: high energy centrifuge Precedes: Military multi-phased physics

Description: sustained electromagnetic fields that affect temperature or physical force

Examples: shields, cannon, ecm, cold ray (the atomic conquerors)

Anthropic Principle Prerequisite: fermi paradox Precedes: Immortal isolationism

Description: concentric belief of importance or geo-centralism in the cosmos

Examples: Isaac Arthur

Cold fission Prerequisite: nuclear fusion Precedes: ion fission

Description: cold nuclear fission with no neutrons or gammas emitted

Examples: city ship (star of wonder)

Crypto-currency Prerequisite: internet transactions Precedes: extra-net

Description: electronic finance


Ethical calculus Prerequisite: psychology Precedes: eudiamonia

Description: morality balanced by its application in society, removing the ape social system of permission to allow advancement of any mind that brings a result

Examples: Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

Fusion physics Prerequisite: fusion Precedes: ion fission

Description: projected pulse weapons using lasers and nuclear fusion

Examples: beam, rifle

Optronic computers Prerequisite: fibre optics Precedes: Androids

Description: fibre optic computer using light lattice for its processor

Examples: Master of Orion, chlorophane (the planet strappers)

Progenitor psyche Prerequisite: socialism Precedes: civil integrity

Description: applied foresight in industry to provide for the future population

Examples: aqua-farming, energy grid, thermocline transducer (Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri)

Pre-sentient algorithm Prerequisite: AI Precedes: Positronics

Description: sub-sapient artificial intelligence used in monitoring and electronic protection

Examples: counter/espionage, encryption

Psyber Dygenesis Prerequisite: social dygenesis Precedes: social incrementalism

Description: social isolation and deterioration of life functions or putting extreme consequence on events in the cyber world

Examples: Fractale, Accel world, Sword Art Online, Serial project Lain

Subatomic theory Prerequisite: high energy centrifuge Precedes: matter-energy conversion

Description: meta-material engineering to create buildings or semi-stable chemicals that revert to a natural state slowly

Examples: industry, ecm (Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri), Quark bombs (lord from the planet earth)

Robotic infrastructure Prerequisite: advanced spaceflight Precedes: mega-structure construction Description: post-scarcity civilisation as robots take over the manual labour forces Examples: mining, battle station (Master of Orion 2), powered exoskeletons (Call of Duty advanced warfare), Rotating station (Babylon 5)

Servo-mechanics Prerequisite: advanced spaceflight Precedes: mega-structure construction Description: autonomous mechanical parts Examples: missile ranks, damage control, assault shuttles (Master of Orion 2)

Astro military-industrial complex Prerequisite: advanced chemistry Precedes: mega-structure construction Description: heavy investment in super-starships and armour for galactic conquest Examples: dreadnoughts (Mass Effect), SDI, mechs or giant combat robots (Titanfall)

Advanced manufacturing in industry and astr construction Prerequisite: subatomic theory Precedes: multi dimensional physics Description: industrial revolution in space construction Examples: recycling, automated repair, artificial planet (Master of Orion 2), Dyson sphere, battle sphere (the space rover), bio fabric (say goodby to the wind), buster machine III PK (gunbuster), unicron (transformers the movie)

Industrial automation Prerequisite: advanced spaceflight Precedes: archailect Description: expansion of production regions into the declining population space Examples: factory, bombers

Tectonic engineering Prerequisite: advanced metallurgy Precedes: ecumenpolis Description: planet interior construction and industry use Examples: core mine, core waste dumping (Master of Orion 2), parasite machine PK (urban assault), Temblor bomb PK (wing commander III), project destini (the core), stone burners PK (Dune)

Mega-settlements Prerequisite: advanced magneticism Precedes: planetary environmental conversation Description: development of standing superstructures with non-solid inhabited interiors Examples: space fortess (Mass Effect), mega-cities, heavy fighters

Ion fission Prerequisite: cold fission Precedes: monopole detection Description: ionisation forced fission to release energy Examples: drive, cannon, shield capacitor (Master of Orion 2), arkon-bombs PK (perry rhodan books), polyvalent fusion bomb (lamb amongst the stars)

Anti-matter fission Prerequisite: subatomic theory Precedes: Description: Examples: drive, torpedo, bomb, CAM (the Culture), Negasphere PK (Lensman saga)

Matter-energy conversion Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: energy movement into receiver stations or sustained energy projection, deconstructing and reconstructing matter while transferring or replicating matter patterns using the energy alignment Examples: teleporters, food replicators (Star Trek), tank displacer (protoss blink, Starcraft 2), psionic long range teleport, titan (titan AE)

High energy distribution Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: anabolic protoplaser (spock, messiah!), batacitor (the fabulous rivreboat)

Advanced chemistry Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: missile, pollution processor

Molecular compression Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: missile, atmos renewer, fuel (Master of Orion 2), anti-agathic drugs (cities in flight), Relativistical kill vehicle Azrael PK (GURPS), Dakara superweapon PK (Stargate), Obliterators PK (Dune), ice-9 PK (cat’s cradle)

Nano technology Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: dis-assemblers, construction, armour, metallurgy, industrial robotics, matter compression (fuel, armour), prism weapon (Demon seed), Drakonium (Waste world), Nano missile (GI Joe), anti-heptant (to live forever), inhibitor machines PK (Revelation space), greenfly machines (revelation space), microscopic object PK (moonseed), Freedom machine (the Diamond age)

Positronics Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples:

Virtual intelligence Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: guidance, targetting, cyber security, VI (Mass Effect), augmented conscience (aeon flux), chemotactic artificial jellyfish (big jelly)

Noosphere Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples:

Nano brains or Blue boxes Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: computer, research lab, structural analyst (Master of Orion 2), Geth (Mass Effect)

Androids Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: farmers, workers, scientists, Brood assembly (cities in flight), Surrogates (), Avatar (), Gynoid, Bioloid

Adaptive doctrine Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: proxy armies (Metal gear SOP), military algorithms, flexibility & software (Sid Meier’s Alpha centauri)

Extra-net Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: Mass Effect

Advanced biology Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: cloning, soil enrichment, xeno biowarfare, Arcologies

Genetic engineering Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: psionic academy (Mass Effect), macro-biotics, longevity, Axolotl tank (Dune Messiah), Atlotl/Gibiril Regimen (The Godmakers), Alpha Plus (Brave New World), Betrization (return from the stars), howard families (Methuselah’s children)

Genetic mutation Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: terraforming, evo science, Bedog (the dosadi experiment), Life eater virus PK (Wh 40k), Iazurogenics (Orion’s arm), evolution machine (the Man who evolved), homo superior (alpha centauri)

Pantropy Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: GE of people to adapt to environment Examples: Pandorum

Macro-genetics Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Biltong life form (pay for the printer), bio factory (wasteworld), life blanket (Ogre), creep (Starcraft) Examples: subterranean farm, weather controller, Living spaceship (Proxima centauri)

Evolutionary genetics Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: psionics, empathy (fauna assimilation), higher intelligence, Effectors (the Culture), hyperbright (Orion’s arm)

Tachyon physics in communication & military computers Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples:

Ansible Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples:

Gravity fields Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: AG (Inversion), inertial, battle gravitics, ship gyro field (Master of Orion 2), grav gun (Half life 2), water tentacle (the Abyss), Battle engine Aquila, Zone of the Enders, Fish tail slingshot drone (Hotwire), lineguns (the Culture), pancakers (the Culture/Gantz), graviton weapon PK (wing commander the secret missions), final protocol PK (chronicles of riddick), levitating path (a Sound of thunder)

Neutrino physics in weapons & detection Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples:

Artificial gravity Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: tractor beam, beams, planetary generator (Master of Orion 2), pressure adaptation (the Abyss), Centerpoint station (star wars EU)

Subspace physics in communication & jump gates (2d) Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: matter migration allowing physical teleportation to a non-reciever location, Examples: Cold pack (dr. futurity), geodynes (the Cometeers)

Military multi-phased physics Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: phasor (Master of Orion 2), rifles (Star Trek), shields, Atom-Shifter (the Worlds of Tomorrow), Black pack (Lexx)

Magnetogravity Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: shields, planetary, drive dissipator, planet-eaters PK (division)

Light curvature fields Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: ship/troop stealth, personal fields (Ghost recon Future soldier), holography, antiholo generators (the ophiuchi hotline), solaronite PK (plan 9 from outer space), darkness bomb (the Mightiest machine)

5d propulsion fields in offensive & interdiction Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: pulsar, interdiction, lightning field (Master of Orion 2), power of the void (final fantasy V), Eye of ra PK (stargate)

Military subspace fields Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: shields, ecm, cannon, shivan juggernaut sathanas PK (feespace 2)

High energy chemistry Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: armour, nerve gas

Civil integrity Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: Sid Meier’s Alpha centauri

Applied relativity Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: Nicoll-Dyson beam, Stellar converter (master of orion/battle beyond the stars), wave motion gun (space battleship yamato), Terror star (galactic civilisations)/Death star (star wars), drej mother ship (titan AE)

Bioelectric resonance Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: psionics Examples: weapons, animal use, Tenno (Warframe), primeval collective consciousness (Quatermass and the Pit), Aether cannon (Storm Thief), insulated suit, faraday skull graft (Hotwire), bio-energy (gulliver’s travels), Biologics (blood music), Biot (rendezvous with rama), group ego (Methuselah’s children), life detector (Ceasefire)

Eudiamonia Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: Aristotle

Dark matter theory Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: Tox Uthat (Star trek), trilithium PK (star trek)

Quantum weaponry Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: anti-shoggoth (Lovecraft), genesis device PK (star trek)

Social incrementalism Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: Master of Orion 3

Immortal isolationism Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: Lexx, Brunnen g

Post-Scarcity civilisation Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: Examples: Isaac Arthur

Sapience evolution Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: retroviral, AI support Examples: Rise of the planet of the Apes

Eschatology Prerequisite: Precedes: Description: study of end times Examples: Orion’s arm (M. Alan Kazlev)

Cyber ethics Prerequisite: pre sentient algorithms Precedes: archailectology Description: Examples: alpha centauri