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The Time Lords are an alien and extremely ancient species from Doctor Who. They originate from a universe of Chaos and Magic and made it logical and rational. This gave some beings known as Great Old Ones godlike capabilities.

Their species evolved on planet Gallifrey in the Constellation of Kasterbourus during the early history of the multiverse. The space-time continuum of the Whoniverse was a Time Vortex built by the Time Lords as a trans-dimensional spiral that connected all points in space and time. The Vortex existed in interstitial space and surrounded and separated every spacetime event.

The Time Lords were regarded as the epitome of civilization. Universal Manipulators, and Time Vortex creators of Black Holes, they grew 11 dimensional ships known as TARDIS.

Being able to exist in multiple dimensions at once, they were feared across the universe. They fought the Great Vampires in the Eternal War. They fought many Time Wars: The first against the order of the black sun, the second against the races which threatened their role as the monopolizers of time travel and the third against a race known as the Daleks who were more than their equals. This war is also known as the Last Great Time War and marked the virtual end of their society.