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A Type I or K1 civilization has mastered all the energy available to their home planet, available from a neighboring star. It extracts its energy, information, and raw materials from fission and fusion power, and renewable resources; is capable of interplanetary spaceflight and communication; mega-scale planetary engineering; medical breakthroughs to eliminate disease and slow ageing; multiplanetary government and interplanetary trade; species is tech augmented; but is still vulnerable to extinction.

Michio Kaku mentioned in his book Physics of the Future: "Type I civilizations harvest planetary power utilizing all the sunlight that strikes their planet. They can, perhaps, harness the power of volcanoes, manipulate the weather, control earthquakes, and build cities on the ocean. All planetary power is within their control.”


Energy usage 1016 W to 1026 W
  • Fission and fusion power. There is plenty of hydrogen in the oceans to sustain hydrogen fusion for millions of years at the consumption of 2kg/s.
  • Space-based solar power dominates surface-based solar power and other renewable resources.
Population 100 billion people (1011)
Existence 3d (with early 4d science) and 1r (reality)
  • Interplanetary and close interstellar
  • Spacecraft approaching light speeds and possible natural wormholes are found.
Quality of life (government)
  • Plutocracy: a scarcity age ruled by the aristocratic elite or wealthy
  • Post-scarcity age: the end of plutocracy
  • Noogenesis: possible advancement of sapience into global consciousness or a hive mind
  • e-Democracy: the use of the internet to digitally enhance and replace democracy
  • Hegemony: dominance of one state over others especially with planetary sprawl or alien influence
  • Futarchy: prediction markets are used to determine policies
  • Gerantocracy: ruled by leaders who are significantly older than most of the adult population, due to anti-ageing
  • Dark enlightenment: anti-democratic, anti-egalitarian, reactionary freedom of the people
  • Eugenocracy: bioengineered genetic superiority; will cause eugenics wars with humans
  • Mechanocracy: machine and AI sentience
  • Meritocracy: rule by the intelligent and worthy, as opposed to traditional politics
State of forms biological and augmented
WMD scale nuclear
Longevity 100 - 350+
Industrial revolutions
Computing Zettascale (1021) and beyond
Social issues
  • Intelligence augmentation and genome tweaking
  • Dream twister or collective psychosomatic interface
  • Psionics or supported psychic phenomena
  • Robotic surrogacy or biological avatars
  • Space station mega structures (cities in space)
  • Robots
  • Cloning
  • Dominant proliferation
Social weakening Bourgeois behaviour and boredom due to elimination of manual labour (cured by psionics or intellectual and explorative pursuits)
Social dream Eudaimonia where a species flourish, and are prosperous, happy and blessed
Class system Superiority by natural ability via ethical calculus (allotment of priority in rated education by talent using giftedness in children as a social analyst)


Sub-type Age Characteristics
1.0 Hydrogen Age
  • Power Consumption 1016 W to 1017 W
  • Ability to completely control the home planet, its weather systems and its moon(s).
  • Fusion and fission reactors are common and with globally-linked solar, wind and ocean wave power, energy is cheap. This solves the problem of the Earth running out of fossil fuels which have become very expensive. Hydrogen and biofuels replace expensive oil. Space-based solar power joins the global energy network via wireless power transmission and beamed energy. Hydrogen-based fission, fusion, solar power and renewables largely replace fossil fuels.
  • Advances in longevity science slow the aging process so that the dominant species is able to live 200+ years.
  • Universal translator works for all home planet languages. A possible world language is adopted.
  • Cloning of some species, and full genetic mapping of any species.
  • Disruption of world economies with the adoption of a universal cryptocurrency not controlled by governments. A possible world economy arises.
  • Local cultures will co-exist with a global culture. Intellectual capitalism replaces commodity capitalism. Continental governments are formed, funding world bodies to combat common threats such as epidemics and other extinction events, terrorism and dictatorships.
  • Space weapons are the main weapons used in large-scale conflicts, orbital solar lasers and directional kinetic weapons are produced. Climate weapons are used on every planet.
1.1 Imagination Age
  • Power Consumption 1017 W to 1018 W
  • Space travel becomes possible for most people. Tourism to moons. The rise of a planetary middle class.
  • Moleculartronic computers are invented.
  • All species on the home planet have been discovered.
  • Tech implants can replace any body part except the brain which links to a network with hive possibilities. The brain is enhanced by virtual reality neural-links, and virchers inhabit and travel between virchworlds.
  • The Imagination Age is where creativity and imagination hold economic value as opposed to analysis and critical thinking. The rise of an immersive virtual reality will raise the value of "imagination work" over rational thinking as a foundation of culture and economics. Given that imagination and innovation are arguably the most valued skills in a modern society, this age would have had its roots in late Type 0.
  • The first fully clad cyborg soldiers are born. Robotic soldiers' bodies are ultra-resistant and lead to the development of new ultra-destructive magnetic weapons capable of compressing the surrounding space.
1.2 Bioethical Age
  • Power Consumption 1018 W to 1019 W
  • Colonization of the moon where the major industries are launch platforms for spacecraft, orbital habitats and satellite systems. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is populated with Clarke Belts.
  • Genetic manipulation leads to elimination of defects and domestic diseases. Genetically engineered viruses are used to treat cancers and phages to treat bacterial infections.
  • Cyborgs and genetic implants are common and may lead to eugenics wars between GMOs and humans.
  • GMO soldiers and cyborg soldiers connected to the network are created in the laboratories capable of receiving information to the millisecond. Perfect genetic weapons are created, capable of annihilation and genocide.
1.3 Readiness Age
  • Power Consumption 1019 W to 1020 W
  • Space elevators on planets and moons.
  • Interplanetary travel is common and terraforming has taken root. Readiness for colonization of the solar system.
  • Ability to move asteroids and NEOs away from Earth to prevent collisions, or towards Earth and mine them.
  • First invisibility with nanosuits.
  • Able to upload brains to virtual reality systems with neural-link tech. This leads to some virchers abandoning their real life, even to the point of suicide.
  • Made new weapons of mass destruction (WMD) capable of moving asteroids to make them collide towards the target; these are limited and prohibited much like nuclear stockpiles. Developed a new type of virtual warfare.
1.4 Interplanetary Age
  • Power Consumption 1020 W to 1021 W
  • Colonization of other planets with advances in terraforming and spacecraft reaching high sub-light speeds.
  • Gas giant mining is an alternative energy source.
  • Quantum teleportation at the subatomic level and pure bandwidth achieved with quantum entanglement. With pure bandwidth came the IPN (InterPlaNet) which is an interplanetary internet over a quantum network. Quantum cryptography cannot be hacked.
  • Advanced virtual warfare whose systems are capable of compromising a robotic or virtual body. Virtual terrorism is born.
1.5 Age of Magnetism
  • Power Consumption 1021 W to 1022 W
  • Embedded room-temperature superconductors, allowing telekinesis.
  • Discovered what dark energy and dark matter are.
  • Teleportation of complex molecules achieved.
  • 3D printers can print biocompatible organs. Tissue, skin and tooth generation can be done by stem cell engineering.
  • Mind reading is possible, leading to ethical laws being passed.
  • Terraforming held back by ecologists.
  • Mind control created to defeat the enemy psychologically. Immediate teleportation from hand to hand in the event of death in war. Thanks to advanced electro inductors, magnetic weapons can compress space more efficiently.
1.6 Visitor Age
  • Power Consumption 1022 W to 1023 W
  • Asteroid and other-planetary moon mining colonies are common with orbital habitats.
  • Disposal of waste into gas giants with habitats in place.
  • Corporates across the solar system compete and trade for mining resources.
  • Possible first space wars over resources, fought with planetary grade weapons.
  • Self-replicating robot systems developed and used in deep sea mining, mega-construction, and solar system mining operations and colony construction. Fears of a singularity introduces manufacturing regulations, remote control and emergency shutdown of all such robots.
  • Possible first contact with aliens. A world government is formed to deal with the possibility of alien threats.
  • Created as a weapon but forbidden to use gray goo; more conventional self-replicating robots can consume specific targets in no time.
1.7 Post-scarcity Age
  • Power Consumption 1023 W to 1024 W
  • Possible antimatter reactors if enough is found naturally. Still prohibitively expensive to create antimatter. Containment is done using force fields.
  • Possibly beginning the construction of a Dyson swarm and Matrioshka brain.
  • The energy-to-matter replicator is invented.
  • Universal translator works flawlessly for most alien languages.
  • Post-scarcity, where money is not needed due to free energy (fusion and renewable) and replicators making almost anything that is needed, making world economies obsolete.
  • Created antimatter weapon; first weapon which can officially destroy an entire planet.
  • Plans are formulated to colonize another solar system. This is a global effort.
1.8 A.I. Age
1.9 Voy-age
  • Power Consumption 1025 W to 1026 W
  • Spacecraft approach the speed of light, allowing the first colony in another solar system. It's also possible that an interstellar highway might be built. Interstellar arks might have been built already, and close to their destinations.
  • It's possible that a civilization can leapfrog faster-than-light technology completely by the discovery of natural wormholes and learn to use them for instantaneous travel over vast distances. This creates temptations for aggressive sprawl and interstellar dominion, so there can be a branch towards a dystopian society before eventually settling on utopian ideals and a move towards sophonce.
  • Dyson swarm is nearly complete.
  • Ability to create biological androids.
  • Possible completion of terraforming of rocky planets.
  • Relativistic missiles invented, third generation antimatter weapons. Giant solar laser.

Additional Technology and Sociology

Robotic infrastructure mining, battle station, powered exoskeletons
Servo-mechanics missile ranks, damage control, assault shuttles
Astro military-industrial complex dreadnoughts, SDI, mechs
Advanced manufacturing

and astral construction

recycling, automated repair, artificial planet
Industrial automation factory, bombers
Tectonic engineering core mine, core waste dumping
Mega-settlements space fortress, mega-cities, heavy fighters
Ion fission drive, cannon, shield capacitor
Anti-matter fission drive, torpedo, bomb
Matter-energy conversion teleporters (receiver station only), food replicators, tank displacer, psionic long range teleport
High energy distribution
Advanced chemistry missile, pollution processor
Molecular compression missile, atmos renewer, fuel
Nano technology dis-assemblers, construction, armour, metallurgy, industrial robotics, matter compression (fuel, armour)
Positronics computer, research lab, structural analyst, blue box (Geth, Mass effect)
Virtual intelligence guidance, targetting, cyber security
Androids farmers, workers, scientists
Adaptive doctrine proxy armies, military algorithms, flexibility & software
Advanced biology cloning, soil enrichment, xeno biowarfare
Genetic engineering psionic academy, macro-biotics, longevity, Alpha Plus
Genetic mutation terraforming, evo science
Macro-genetics subterranean farm, weather controller
Evolutionary genetics psionics, empathy (fauna assimilation), higher intelligence
Tachyon physics communication & military computers
Gravity fields Antigravity, inertial, battle gravitics, ship gyro field, grav gun
Neutrino physics weapons & detection
Artificial gravity tractor beam, beams, planetary generator
Subspace physics communication & jump gates (2d)
Military multi-phased physics phaser, rifles, shields
Magnetogravity shields, planetary, drive dissipator
Light curvature fields ship/troop stealth, personal fields
5d propulsion fields offensive & interdiction, pulsar
Military subspace fields shields, ecm, cannon
High energy chemistry armour, nerve gas
Civil integrity
Applied relativity
Bioelectric resonance weapons, animal use
Dark matter theory
Quantum weaponry
Social incrementalism
Immortal isolationism
Cyber ethics

Civilizations that are considered Type I

1.1 Humans and Replicants from Blade Runner
1.1 Humans and Cyborgs from The Terminator
1.2 Cyborgs from Cyberpunk 2077
1.2 Humans from Space: 1999
1.3 Humans from Judge Dredd
1.4 Humans from Flash Gordon
1.5 Humans from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
1.5 Humans and Arachnids from Starship Troopers
1.6 Humans from Dune
1.6 Humans from Wing Commander
1.6 Humans from James Cameron's Avatar
1.6 Humans from The Expanse
1.8 Humans from Space Odyssey
1.9 Humans from StarCraft
1.9 The Isu from Assassin's Creed

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