A Type II or K2 civilization has control over their solar system, and/or theoretically is able to harness all the power available in a single star. It extracts fusion energy, information, and raw-materials from multiple solar systems; it is capable of evolutionary intervention, interstellar travel, interstellar communication, stellar engineering, terraforming, and star cluster-scale influence; the resulting proliferation and diversification would theoretically negate the probability of extinction.


Energy usage: 1026 W to 1036 W, Dyson sphere, Star lifting

Estimated Population: 100 Quadrillion (1017) people

Travel: alpha jumps (space folding)

Quality of life (gov): adhocracy, plutocracy

State of forms: hive minds (surrogacy or Avatar)

WMD scale: Trinity project

Longevity: 200 – 500

Social issues: Artificial Planet creation, Synthetic Life, Avatar prostitution, manipulating the Cultural focus of other species, Xeno Propaganda, trans-dimensional wmd, Dyson spheres, Dimensional portals to 3 universally different branes

Industrial revolutions: Dimensional portal, Dyson sphere

Arguments: Synthetic life, Spacer psionics

Dominant proliferation: dimensional miscegenation cults

Social weakening: dimensional fallout or hyper radiation where dimensionally alternate 2d has disastrous effects on health (solution – Avatar allowing re-hosting of the contaminated)

Social dream: Eden or religiously motivated mega structure projects

Class system: Ideology meaning the general availability of superiority makes your motivations and commitments a value set


2.0 Dyson sphere is complete. Colonized another star system.
2.1 Multiple systems colonized. Matrioshka brain complete.
2.2 Perfection of a virtual reality that looks and feels real. 100 stars colonized.
2.3 Holograms become real.
2.4 First object sent to intergalactic space.
2.5 First time travel using relativistic time dilation.
2.6 Perfection of a Augmented reality that looks and feels real. 1,000,000 stars colonized.
2.7 Cloning and 10,000,000 stars colonized.
2.8 Ability to use wormholes.
2.9 Galaxy Colonized.


Mega-structure construction
Hyper dimensional fission weapons & travel, torpedo, drive, capacitors
Molecular manipulation weapons & fuel, missile, armour
Moleculartronics or Holo-real in computers holodeck, computer, targetting
Artificial life weapons & medicine, gene-jacking, psionic wave, empathy
Multi dimensional physics weapons & gate tech, cannon, trans dimensional portal, wmd
Hyper dimensional physics weapons & communication
Distortion fields in shields science cloaking, shields, weaponised fields
Military quantum fields shields, planetary fields, ecm
Xeno culturalism capitalism, propaganda, cultural focus
Planetary environmental conservation
Monopole detection
Mind intranet or Hive mind dreams, thought control
Autonomous VI mining, espionage satellite, colony builders, extranet hack
Murgatroyd Hypothesis
EM field coupling
Exotic matter replicants
Power conversion
Strong force weakening
Bioadaptive storage
After death
Toposophic scale
Inorganic evolution

Civilizations that are considered Type II

2.1 Federation and other races of Star Trek
2.2 UNSC from Halo
2.2 Borg of Star Trek
2.2 Races from Wing Commander
2.2 Races in Mass Effect
2.3 Races in Homeworld
2.3 Fallen Empire from Stellaris
2.4 Covenant from Halo
2.4 Tau Empire from Warhammer 40K
2.5 Galactic Empire of Star Wars
2.5 Protoss from StarCraft
2.6 First Ones from Babylon 5
2.7 Forerunners

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