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A Type III civilization extracts fusion and exotic energy, information, and raw-materials from their galaxy. It is capable of intergalactic travel via wormholes, intergalactic communication via subspace, galactic engineering and galaxy-scale influence. By the time humans reach this state of the scale, they can be very hard to go extinct, as the saying "Too Big to Fail" starts to apply here.

This is the final type of civilization in the original proposal of the Kardashev Scale.


Energy usage 1036 W to 1046 W. Total usage is the same as Type II multiplied across galaxies.
Tapping into cosmic events like:
  • Dyson Sphere around every star in the galaxy
  • Harvesting exotics from neutron stars and magnetars
  • Conquering multiple galaxies
Population 1 nonillion (1030) people
Existence 5d (awareness of 6d) and 1r (reality)
Travel Intergalactic through space lanes or artificial wormhole nexus networks or stargates.
State of form Eventually projected energy and transcendentalism
WMD scale Interphased bomb; black hole bombs and wormhole imploders
Longevity 500 - 1,000
Industrial revolutions Matter replication at the quantum level
  • Dark space
  • Trans-galactic
Social issues
  • Gaia planetary transformation
  • Weaponized megastructure
  • Xeno dark side
  • Photonic AI
  • Socio-cultural benevolence and sophonce
  • Interspecies philosophy and breeding
  • Photonic AI
  • Augmented evolution and transapience
  • Dominant proliferation: Nietzcheans or genetic superiority
  • Social weakening: over exposure of dream twister (solution – molecular control/4d phasing to counter manifestations or psychological spirals via time internal communication or inner thoughts)
Social dream Mantle of responsibility (self assumed stewardship over the balance of galactic power)
Class system Emotive quality as a social lynchpin to reconsolidate group cooperation over an increasingly independent population


Type Description

Intergalactic Age

  • Power consumption: 1036 W to 1037 W
  • First humans in other galaxies
  • First physical contact with intelligent aliens from another galaxy
  • Harvesting energy from pulsars
  • Second-generation megastructures several times the size of a black hole

Telekinesis Age

  • Power consumption: 1037 W to 1038 W
  • Travel to nearby galaxies
  • Intergalactic space stations
  • Telekinesis on a planetary level
  • Partial colonization of intergalactic space

Satellite Age

  • Power consumption: 1038 W to 1039 W
  • Colonization of nearby satellite galaxies.
  • Made everything alive for the first time on an entire planet, including atoms.

Galactic Colonization Age

  • Power consumption: 1039 W to 1040 W
  • Colonization of multiple galaxies.
  • Made everything alive for the first time in a solar system.

Live Galaxy Age

  • Power consumption: 1040 W to 1041 W
  • Colonization of more than 100 galaxies.
  • Mastery over the lesser applications (without mixing methods for truly interesting results) of quantum mechanics.
  • Advanced chronoception via implants.
  • Made everything alive in the galaxy of origin.

Local Group Age

  • Power consumption: 1041 W to 1042 W
  • Colonization of thousands to myriads of galaxies. This is where you become gods to lesser civilizations in your universe.
  • Made everything alive in 10 galaxies

Supercluster Age

  • Power consumption: 1042 W to 1043 W
  • Multiple superclusters colonized.
  • Knowledge over most of the universe.
  • Galaxies can be created.
  • Made everything alive in 1000 galaxies

Supercluster Complex Age

  • Power consumption: 1043 W to 1044 W
  • Millions of galaxies controlled.
  • Superclusters are nothing but cities to such a civilization.
  • The Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex is likely fully conquered or close to conquered. This is like a civilization at K0, scaled to the galactic level and their technology with it.
  • Made everything alive in local group of galaxies

Parallel Age

  • Power consumption: 1044 W to 1045 W
  • Billions of galaxies colonized.
  • Compilation of every moment of the history of the universe in an Encyclopedia Cosmologica.
  • Parallel Universe found but unable to access.
  • Made everything alive in the super cluster of galaxies.

Universal Age

  • Power consumption: 1045 W to 1046 W
  • Trillions of galaxies colonized.
  • Most of the stars in the universe mapped.
  • All of the universe has been seen, and almost all has been reached
  • Much of the universe is alive and receptive to its source.


Military plasma physics cannon, rifle, flare
Inter-phased fission weapons & travel, drive, torpedo, bomb
Molecular control in industry fuel, armour
Trans Genetics or grouped genetic engineering crops, terraforming, evolution
5d fields used in time travel displacement, teleportation, inertial thrusters
Xeno social manipulation corruption, culture enrichment, brainwashing, benevolence, shared philosophy
Sophont scale biokinetic wavelengths
Tachyon fields weapons, shields, bolt launcher
Unified field theory and Theory of Everything
Internalized cycle of war
Galactic proxy
Time wars
Fergnatz’s last theorem
Hidden aliens
Smug aliens

Civilizations that are considered Type III

2.7~3 Scrin from Command & Conquer
2.7~3 Engineers from Prometheus
2.7~3 The Grox from Spore
2.7~3 Aeldari and Necrons from Warhammer 40K
2.7~3 The Forerunners from Halo
2.8~3 Progenitors from Homeworld
3.1 The Builders from Heritage
3.2 The Nephilim from Wing Commander
3.3 The Asgard of Stargate
3.4 The Ceph from Crysis
3.5 The Endless from Endless Space
3.5 The Firstborn from Space Odyssey
3.6 Races from Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
3.7 The Precursors from Halo

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