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Type V civilization would be advanced enough to to escape their universe of origin and explore the multiverse. Such a civilization would have mastered technology to a point where they could simulate or build a custom universe. They will have mastered the new laws of physics and have almost complete control over the fabric of reality. Now, humanity is basically impossible to destroy by its own inhabitants, which has reached the decillions.


Energy usage 1056 W to 1066 W
State of forms Descended biological or ascended extra-dimensional
WMD scale Metamesonium
Longevity 10,000+
Existence 6d (awareness of 7d) and 1r (reality)
Sprawl Multiversal
Industrial revolutions Energy gatherers around super massive black holes
Social issues
  • Afterlife creation with prerequisites for entering
  • Dimensional android with the fatalism of the purpose of their construction
  • Excalibur tech or stasis preserved settlements and armadas
  • Dream-real being focuses of the dream twister in host bodies
  • Galactic creation
  • 1 AU scale spaceships by hyper dense gravity core moved by engines
  • Dimensional miscegenation
  • Dream-real
  • Reunification
  • Dominant proliferation
  • Miscegenation
Social weakening Galactic creation causing titanic gravitational fallout (solution – Gaia mechanics in Matrioshka brain / 0d life to spread healing biokinetics along 0d coterminous space)
Social dream
  • Anarchism
  • Living in an ordered civilization, escapism has become a social paradise as freedom is the ultimate excess



Multiversal Age

Universe colonized

Multiverse Colonization Age

First galaxies of another universe are colonized

Experimental Time Travel Age

Experimental time travel

Universal Expansion Age

Second universe colonized, along with potentially a third one.

Time Travel Age

Time travel discovered. Explored 10 universes.

Contact Age

Complete contact with species from other universes. Completely colonized 1 universe.

Universal Discovery Age

1000 universes discovered

Universal Creation and Destruction Age

Creation and destruction of universes is created. Megaverse discovered.

New Physics Age

1000 universes colonized. Old laws of physics can be broken. Matter transfer to the megaverse.

Megaverse Age

First humans in megaverse.


Controlled wormholes
Detection pattern for time
Layered intersection of intergalactic travel
Stasis infrastructure and weapons
Supermassive blackhole creation
Dream transcription into host bodies
0d timeless coterminous travel
Dimensional miscegenation
0d/2d miscegenation artificial pocket dimension
Primordial abiogenesis spawning pool
Collective consciousness and gaia hivemind CC hivemind (deity), Gaia AI, reverse surrogacy to Gaia
Omnipotence and psionics by scale
Megagraph theory
Iron stars
Ascended cannibalism
7d physics
Folded hyperspace

Civilizations that are considered Type V

The Q Continuum from Star Trek

The Daleks and Time Lords From Doctor Who

The Combine from Half Life

The Universal Constructors from Time Ships

The Celestials, Living Tribunal and Beyonder from Marvel

The Star Maker from Olaf Stapledon

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