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The Flaming Sword pierces a cosmic heart

A Type XX civilization exists beyond the highest planes outside reality and non-reality.

They are the Gatekeepers of the Beyond. They are the Beyonders.

They have immeasurable power and will prevent any lower-level beings from breaching their sacred realms of existence.

Any information about the Beyonders is given to certain individuals within the cosmos. As their level of advancement is beyond the wildest imaginations of anyone not within their realm(s), their existence has been simplified using concepts understood by lesser beings. The actuality of these concepts is unknown and unknowable, as is everything in realm 6 and beyond.


The Gate is at the edge of oblivion and the Beyond.

Those who are worthy will find the Gate, but most will be lost in the void and wander its dark depths for eternity. There are currents in these depths that confuse and misdirect the unworthy.

The few who are deemed worthy will have to find a way past the Flaming Sword that protects the Gate. The Flaming Sword is able to pierce the heart of any cosmic entity that is too weak to enter the Gate.

The Key can open the Gate, but none will be deemed worthy to use the Key.

The Gate is guarded by Type XX citizens who are soldiers. No soldier has authority to open the Gate or use the Key.

The Gate is the entrance to the Citadel at the edge of Beyond.

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